Red Blinking Light



What happened to the RED LED in writing mode for the 1640???


Hehe. I had to ask the same question. Guess it’s cheaper to have single colour Led’s latley, or maybe it’s like Lite on and Sony didn’t want the red Led. I heard that C0deKing is very good at fixing the Led’s. Lite On Ledfix FW.:bigsmile:


How about some red colored cellophane to tape over the LED? Only during burns of course. :slight_smile:


That’s sad. My 1625 had the red led for writing and green for reading. I’m getting my 1640 on Friday, this kind of saddens me though.


Just keep yourself distracted during the burn!!! And, you’ll never even notice. :slight_smile:


but thier has to be some way to fix it…hopes…