Red band across screen

I use Clonedvd and Anydvd (Both most recent) to backup my movies, recently I’ve noticed a single red banding running across the tv screen about 1/3 up, it is only noticeable on certain scenes and there’s only one stationary band, any ideas how to get rid of it in future copies?

Does this problem as show if you play the backup on your PC? How thick is this band? Also what brand is the TV that you playing the backup on?

I have never heard of this problem with DVD backup software, so the more info you can post, the quicker someone here will come up with the solution!

Check the connections from your DVD player to your TV assuring they are tight.
Also I would suggest you use quality cabling and not the crap they give you with the DVD player.

It only does it with the copied movie so I’m ruling out the cables etc. The TV is a Philips 42" rear projection the DVD player is a JVC. The band is about 30mm wide I have just tried it on the computer and no red line, guess I will try different leads/input. Thanks for your help…

Why don’t you try palying the problem DVD in another stand alone player such as a friends or relatives and see if the red line appears there.
If it does not, which I believe will be the case, it lies with your stand alone player and your TV set. I understand it only happens with the burned DVD’s, but as mentioned check the connections, it costs nothing but your time.

Edited: What type of connections are you using from your DVD player to the TV.
Is it Svideo or component cabling?