Red Alert sountrack

Hi folks,

I’ve been wandering around the net this last few days, and even e-mailed Westwood AU customer support to inquire about the soundtrack of Red Alert 2.

Here down under, a shop sells the Collector Edition for $100 Australian, and I already have Red Alert 2, so I really think its marketing scam if I have to pay another $100 just to get the music I like. I asked Westwood if I can buy the music separately instead of $100 “collector edition” two weeks ago. No reply yet, and i’m wondering why (I’d be happy if they just reply and writes big “NO!” as the answer instead of ignoring one of their most loyal customer).

Can anyone please let me know how to get the Red Alert 2 and other C&C games soundtrack? I like them so much it hurts not to have them



ps: If anyone lives here in AU, let me know and I’ll buy the soundtrack off you (if you happen to have one) or make some other arrangements.

my email:

Is the soundtrack the same style music that plays whilst playing the game?

If so the music is probably stored as Audio tracks on the CD, just extract them off the disc and you’re done.

Hello!!! Guess what, if you have the RA2 game CD, you CAN MAKE THE SOUNDTRACK YOURSELF!!!

I will tell you how I did it. I did it about 2 years ago when I was 12 years old!

First go to

Here you download the file XCC Mixer.

With this program you open up the *.mix file containing the music tracks for RA2 (music.mix or something similar).

It will extract them in RAW *.wav format and you can’t burn it directly to a CD with ANY software. So no you have to use TmpGEnc12 to encode it to *.mp2

Now load the *.mp2 with CDEX and convert it to *.mp3

Burn the MP3s to a CD!

Trust me, the amount of work is worth it!

Thanks aplenty for that link, DanDaman!

Wow, I guess I owe the guy who made this XCC mixer a lot. He made things so much easier. The XCC mixer can rip the encrypted files to WAV straight away - so I guess that saves me some sweat.

:cool: I sent him a mail, dunno if he’s still care about this matter since his website is already gone.

If anyone wants any C&C song, drop me a line and I can upload them in MP3 format.


ps: i wonder if later theres program for viewing all the movie in RA2, maybe XCC Media Player?

Hey, guess what? There is a program for viewing RA2 movies! It is called RAD tools… Download it at:

Of course you must first extract the movie files from the *.mix file using XCC editor!

Now we just need a program that can convert *.bik to *.avi or something! We can then make VCD’s or DivX’s!


The RAD tools seem to be able to convert the BIK files to AVI… but my 1st try didn’t went so successful. The AVI size was humongous and its a bit jerky.

But i’m sure with some tuning up this RAD is capable of ripping the video to AVIs.


Anyone know if theres something like this for the game Delta Force? Thanks.