Red Alert 2

i just tried copying ra2 now and ended up with 3 lovely coasters i can wipe my asss with, but anyhoo,
i was just wondering what the hell am i doing wrong.
i have a sony crx140e (8x4x32)
im using that to the read RA2 as well
the settings im using are

read at 4x
also tried reading at 2x
fast skip error with 3 retries and no error correction
as well i tried intelligent scanner thing
im operating on windows2000
im using the latest clonecd 2.85 whatever

the cd begins to load
takes approx 5min for the starting screen to occur
then when i click install
it stalls forever

any help could well be appreciated
(*i did not update firmware as i do not know where to find, i dont know if that would help though)


My other cd-rom drive is a toshiba dvd rom drive GD 2500
i believe, it cant read subchannel and stuff
just to let you knows

Red Alert has the SafeDisc 2 protection. It doesn’t help if you read the SubChannel Data or not. I do not think you burner is compatible with this protection. There was one report (from privateer) on the Sony CDR140E that the burner could do it, but it had the label CH2. He used 4X burning to make a backup… Goodluck!