Red Alert 2



Please can someine help me as this is driving me crazy:a!!!
I recently have installed a copied version of Red Alert 2, which works fine. but now i want to install yuri’s revenge (an orginal disk) and it does not detect the game. I cant patch RA2 as any patchesi download will not work

Please can someone help


So … you installed the original game with copied CD’s & then Yuri’s revenge from an original CD?

Have you tried installing the original game wih the original CD’s, then installing Yuri’s revenge?


Yes, but i dont have the original, as i used a friends disk a long time ago. I cant get hold of the original, so now what? Are there patches i can download? I looks as though the copied RA2 has invalid registries or something


If you don’t have the original, you are not allowed to have a copy. We cannot help you with an illegal copy.

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