Red Alert 2!



Anyway i tried making an ISO of Red Alert 2 using Alcohol

i click safe disk 2/3/4 then i click dump but all get are this errors that don’t go away and slows down my progress greatly

any help and by the way could you also post a step by step instructions to make the ISO in case i fudged up?


You’re supposed to get read errors. Just be patient and let the reading proces complete. It will speed up dramatically after the first ~10,500 sectors (about 3% of the disc) as the unreadable sectors are all in that part of the disc.


any way i made a perfect copy of red alert 2 and Lord of D iso

when i try to run them through daemon tools and/or alcohol the programs say please put in the cd even though i have the cd iso running on the programs

any ideas whats wrong?


How old is Red Alert 2?

Greets to all



2002 is when the game came out


First of all is your original game working?




install the latest patch, safedisc protection is removed from that version. Or, just make a proper image and use the safedisc emulation in d-tools, which obviously you aren’t doing.


I assume you mean Lord of Destruction? If so when it loads up just keep pressing try again as D2LoD gets tagged to run from the drive it was installed from. As for Red Alert 2 try make an image again like philamber said you will get a shitload of errors at the start but after a couple of minutes it will take off don’t try to change it to make it quicker

the safedisc protection is NOT removed with the last patch

If he had made a proper image he wouldn’t need to use emulation


heh, it most certainly is, just like every other Westwood release of a C&C game that used Safedisc in the original release, the last patch doesn’t have Safedisc any longer.

edit - for if it still had Safedisc in it, my backup copy CDR that is just a straight filecopy, not a ‘good’ safedisc image copy, would not work because there are none of the Safedisc errors in it. The thing is just a straight ‘drag all the files from that drive to this drive’ copy, with the same volume name, and the disc works just fine. That is because they removed Safedisc from the game.


Mate I just checked my version and you are wrong it is not removed the safedisc is still there fully installed. Maybe you should try with a legit version of the game and not a cracked version.


heh, I bought this game the day it came out, just like every other C&C game, jackass. RA21006EN.EXE works just fine here, patch straight from Westwood. The fact that you’re calling me ‘mate’ probably has something to do with it, because I have no idea what they’ve done with international versions. The North American version, what I have here in Canada, no longer has Safedisc after installing the appropriate patch. Too bad for you.


blargh, just checked this myself, and I am wrong. Tiberian Sun is probably what I was thinking of…but I could have sworn they all had their Safedisc protection removed after their last patches. Sorry for the confusion.


no problem jackass


heh, I was wrong about it having safedisc removed. Doesn’t mean you were right in accusing me of being a software pirate. What an idiot.


go back under whatever rock it was you climbed out from


nah, that’s ok


Would be nice staying on topic so do me a favour and calm down :rolleyes:

@ redbonefish

as philamber mentioned the read erros will stop. Latest DTools shouldn’t have any problem with blacklists or this SafeDisc version mounting your image dumped with Alcohol SafeDisc settings.


thanks guys you made my day


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