Red alert 2 xp compatible?



I found an old game the other day (red alert 2) and thought id give it a go, however it doesnt seem to work. Im not sure if it is the disk (a few years without a case will do that to a disk) or if it isnt compatible. I decided to try a copy of the disk to see if it was readable, and it was successful in the copy, however the same problem came up after i ran that disk (the setup wont run after the auto run)

Does anyone else know what to do? or should i just chuck the disk?


i dont suppose right clicking on the .exe file of the game, and fiddling around with the compatibility modes would do anything?


yeah i gave that a go and my computer froze then had to refresh (that happened before, when running setup).


red alert 2 works fine on xp. Try using the other disc (if you used the soviet disc now try the allied one)


That’s a damn funny game … “Please drive Carefully” :wink:

It definately works in XP.


Must be the disk… or my system… anyway its not working so i guess the disk will make a good coaster… or i could sell it to a game shop for 50p


I will work in XP A few people had the same problem your having and to fix it they had to change some of the settings in there Video Card for it to work. Use Google and there is a few web Sites that have the details of what setting to use for it to work. :slight_smile:


has anyone got network games working in XP?


Which games? Red Alert? Quake3/4? Doom? NFS series? Something you’ve downloaded illegally from P2P, but checks serial numbers on all LAN clients?


Now Now debro what have you been smoking? if your mother finds out she will put you over her knee and spank you! We all know it’s only a urban myth that there are games to download on P2P. the only games I ever seen on P2P are free Shockwave and Linux games.

I think he meant networking 2 PC together and playing a game against the other person on the 2nd PC :slight_smile:


LAN games still need a PC serving, even if it technically is also one of the clients.
Some games check the serials of all clients connecting (even though they are not going back to a master key server on the internet) and refuse connection of multiple clients with the same serial / Key :wink:

It’s a very simple method of keeping people honest.

That must be why the non-existant groups fanning the flames of urban myth include multiple mythical serials in the mythical archives, that are, of course, only a figment of everyones mind.


I meant Red Alert 2 multiplayer on windows XP.


I just bought Command & Conquer the First Decade and they all work under XP (has all 12 C&C games) - however my original disc of Red Alert (not RA2) will not work under XP - mind you got the shock of my life when I played the original C&C again - it is sooooo bad!!!