Red Alert 2 with SafeDisc v2.0

you can find it at or www.kissmy…com

All the guys who think they can make a non-copieable protection are as stupid as my rabbit`s asshole!

Can anybody tell me where I can find a Crack of this game or how to make the correct settings with Clonecd (read and write setting).

Thx for the one who can help me out.

See ya


I think my previous post must have been invisible…?

there is no new special protection on this game !!! its just CDILLA well hacked well cloned well patched well known !

Not invisible but how can you do it. It is not so hard to tell me, I hope.
It is not a new protection!! but how to burn it. I don’t know.



Red Alert 2 is protected by SafeDisc 2 which is not duplicatable by any programs out there…

FairLight’s RA2 is a state-of-art modified ISO that allows your game to go on, even get updated without giving you any errors.

Thanks to them!

i tried to copy the europe/dutch version with clonecd but no succes. did anyone manage to copy it? and verified it? it has protections on both the game and install program.

mail me:

Everybody can copy this game but the don’t want to share how to do it with the euro/dutch version.



just copy the damn thing and make many coasters
i prefer the us version

I used clonecd with deamon tools & got a perfect copy on my harddrive.I only have a crappy sony crx100e RW but it worked.

The copy is not the problem. A full copy without any errors is well made but after the copy I want to install the fucking game and that is the problem. It won’t install.


I wish all that make these outrageous claim that they have made a perfect WORKING copy THAT CAN BE INSTALLED NOT STALLED, of RA2 would cut the CRAP. It’s bull shit and you know it. Try to install the fucking game on anything else than your burner and you are shit out of luck.
I suppose the Ollie is lying too when he mentioned that the current version of Clone CAN NOT MAKE A WORKING COPY. So I suppose these guys performed miricles even the program maker can’t. If you really want the fucking game then you have to crack the shit. Want proof why don’t you check the Clone Clinic Forum and find out for your selves what other 2300 people said!!! SO CUT THE SHIT AND STOP CONFUSING PEOPLE, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!

I agree that there are EXTREMELY dumb people who just DON’T read Instructions to hacking/cracking/copying programs out there!!

U Dumbass PEOPLE!!!

I downloaded the cd-copy crack from gamecopyworld and used it on my dutch version of the game, burnt it , worked great. Setup works & the game works

Well, I read all the above, and I copied it all, both discs, full install and game runs well. Are there only a few of us who can do this then? By the way, thanks to Replicator, Followed you and great success…

The only two protections that even clone can’t handle perfectly are: Discguard and CD Cops!
Only these two protections don’t work always good. CD Cops for example must be copied on high quality gold medium(quite rare to get) and the copy works perfectly, but only on them, on blue, silver or other. Maybe the reason why i had no probs copying red alert 2 is that i have used the ideal CDR Media. Maybe this dudes at cloneclinic haven’t tried all possibilities. I always try everything and then works. The only game which isn’t 100% copyable is Colin MC Rae Rally 1. SEE YA
PS: Please don’t tell all folks that something isn’t copyable, if some dudes had luck!

I have a dutch copy of RA2, but i tried the gamecopyworld crack but when i execute the .bat file…it says :
‘access denied’ ‘dubble filename or file is being used’'plz delete crack_allied.bat and burn the cd with the label : RA1 ’

What is this…and will the crack work when it says that, the first cd i burned failed, how can i solve the problem ?

Hi all

i have just backed up red alert 2

i used clone cd
settings are read subchannel on
read data channel on
fast error skip on
read in at 2x
and both disc works fine
you dont need to take my word for it try yourself
im on level 6 on both cd,s
no problems at all no crack needed

hope this info helps you guys out

Timms, you need to select all the files in the setup folder , right click & select properties. Turn off read-only and select archive.
The run allies or sovjet.bat depending on the CD, it should then just say 'plz delete crack_allied.bat and burn the cd with the label : RA1’
Should work fine

I also tried it with CloneCD, latest version earlier today before I had the backup crack used the settings lfc27 mentioned and it got me a coaster with my Mitsumi4801TE…, the crack is better , only takes you 5 mins to copy the game to your harddrive and apply the crack & then burn it instead of making an image at 2x…