Red Alert 2 with SafeDisc v2.0

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Recent reports have reached me through either email or forum posts that the new game form Westwood Studios : Red Alert 2…

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If we cannot copy we just CRACK! HEHEHE! There is always more than one way 2 get a game! The Right WAY(Buying) OR the SMART WAY (Copying or CRACKing)!!

Yeah nice idea Rubi[+] but what if you can not crack it. The chances are that it will be but how long will it take to copy it hey.
We will have to see

red alert 2 is protected with cdilla v2.0,and is easily cloned or cracked…no need to panic dudes.

Hiya dudes…

Got a hold of the EURO and USA versions of the game… Let CloneCD do his bizz and voilla a crisp working copy. Did it with a Plex40 and Clonecd version 1.7.8.x

But the Fairlight iSO also rulezz :wink:

The end of cracking as we know it?
No fuckin way.

replicator wtf are you talking about. If that is true either one you are the only person ever to do this or two that version of clonecd can for some reason copy the new safedisc and in that case where can I download it?

I’ve just downloaded the RA2 ISO, and burned it with CDRwin, I only needed a serial key for CD2, and é­t all works fine.

Does anyone beleives that piracy will stop?.. No Way, we always gonna find a way to clone it or crack it! :wink:


Just Visit
And order your COPY! (so it’s allready been copied!)

Let me see… Just about the intire cracking society, against a firm makeing a copy protection…

Face it:


Eh… for the right info…

copied BOTH Soviet and Allied cd’s of the DUTCH/EURO version which I bought last night at a launch party with CloneCD and they worked perfectly.

That’s it… believe it or not I don’t give a f**k

Tried to copy Australia release using CloneCD and Perfect Copy 2000 with no sucess not sure what I’m doing wrong.

New version?
All worked well at me place, so the protection upgrade failed…
…as usual

Man made it, Man cracked it!

they made it, we break it

Sorry dudes, but again a protection that claims too much! Read it at 2x with my toshiba sdm1402 and burned it without any changes to the ideal settings:
Subchannel Data on
Subchannel audio on
and finally fast error skipping, thats all and don’t forget to mark no subchannel data repair or something similar in your recorder window. This settings are the best for that game.


CloneCD will beat this protection! This is great program!

there are too many dumb ass that use clonecd and that don’t know how to use it right
the worst part is that ollie made this program so easy to use and still poeple amaze me with there dumbness

dumbness isn’t a word…

Can anybody tell me where 2 download the redalert ISO??