Red Alert 2 Copy



Hellol! :slight_smile:

Ive never copied a game before, Ive never had the need to. But Ive managed to badly scratch my Soviet CD for this classic game, and my friends lent me his CD to copy.

Anyway, Im using “Alchohol 120%”, and I have a “Benq DW1610” for reading and burning.

I went through the whole copy process, setting it as “safedisk 2” but the final CD just wont do anything.

Any help would rock :bigsmile:


Benq’s are not the best drives to burn safedisc games with.
Check it out here

I’d suggest getting a cheap Lite-On drive at newegg.


Hi SkuM001,

I reckon you should use CloneCD ( for this game. Its best for up to SafeDisc v2.9. Read and write at 4x, and when running the title ensure that the CloneCD Tray is running, and ‘Hide CD-R Media’ is checked.

Good luck.


Just curious, but why do you keep saying this?
Any particular thing CCD does that A120% etc. doesn’t?



Its just my personal feeling, as ive never had a problem with CloneCD copying up to SafeDisc v2.9.


CloneCD works a treat. Read and Wrote at 4x and the copy works perfect

Thanks :slight_smile:


Fair enough.

You had probs with A120% up to Safedisc 2.9?