Recyle bin problem



just a stupid question anyone can help i would really appreciate…
why is that when i am deleting files it was not stored in recycle bin? I already increase the storage capacity of recyle bin but i won’t works. I am pretty much sure that the capacity of data i deleted is within the capacity of recycle bin. Beside i never used the “shift” while deleting or dragging files nor deleting files from network location or items in removable media. when deleting is shows the the recycle bin icon but i can’t find the files :sad: . I am afraid if i accedentally delete important files thats why i am very curious why happen this kind of scenario. By the way i am using windows 2000 and office xp.

thanks in advance folks out there :iagree: !


Right Click your recycle bin, go to ‘properties’, I’m pretty sure you’ll find the:“Do not move files to the recycle bin, Remove files immediately when deleted” option has been ticked, just untick it.:slight_smile:


thanks but its already disable…i have 2 local disc C: and D: then in the recycle bin properties only local disk appeared the reason why when i delete in C: the files stored in recycle bin however contrary arguements when i delete files in D:.


correction: Only local disk C: appeared in recycle bin properties not included the D: