Recycle Cakebox




I’m starting to accumulate empty cakeboxes and I was wondering if anyone knows how I can recycle them. My preferred option is to return to the manufacturer for re-use, but since I bought them online this doesn’t seem practical. Does anyone know of any shops that take in old cakeboxes? It just such a lot of plastic to bury or burn.

For what it’s worth, I’m in the UK.

Would be interesting to get your views on this. I’m also up for other suggestions, such as sugar bowl plus toilet-roll holder, but I’d prefer to get them out of my house :wink:



Well we get a recycle truck come round once a week to collect the rubbish for recycling, kinda like the rubbish trucks. We have these big plastic boxs given to use and we then put in plastic, tins, paper leave it out side and they come and empty the boxs. Aint you got any sort of collection service if so just let them take em away if not what about one of those big recycling bins you see in carparks alot.


Besides taking them to a recycling center/dropoff location or having them picked up, you might find someone that would be interested in reusing them. I reuse many of mine to store backups, maybe you would have a friend that might have a use for them. Or maybe some small shop that sells media will have a use for them or will take care of getting them recycled.


I was gonna recycle mine into a runway for the private jet that I could´ve bought if I hadn´t bought all those discs :doh:


More tips…Art Projects, for example:


@deanimator: Another tip: This is not the Living Room. :wink:

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Thanks for the responses.

I live in a large town but the provision for recycling of plastics is abysmal: plastic bottles only (without lids). And I have to drive to the depot first.

It’d be good if I could get say, 50 discs shrink wrapped as one (with no extra packaging), so I could refill the cakeboxes I’ve got. Anyone know if this is an option?


Yes sir…

…was thinking about the problem cos I save mine…got a small mountain here…
They seem like they shouldn´t be thrown away…i.e. [B]must be useful for something[/B], but I don´t know what.
Apart from that, I would say they have to go into the recycling collection system…[B]doesn´t everyone have such a system in their country?[/B]


We have shrink-wrapped Nashua discs in my town, but I don´t think anyone would recommend these discs. Have you tried online stores?


[I]Have you tried online stores?[/I]

Not yet… to be honest it’s only been at the back of my mind until this evening when I started attacking the problem of ever-increasing junk in my office!


I think Nashua could be anything from MPO or Mitsui (?) to Optodisc. Avoid unless you like gambling.