Recycle Bad Burn

May be a stupid question, buy I’ll ask just the same.
I burned a movie with Ritek DVD+ 4x media I got at Newegg.
I didn’t like the looks from the media cause sitting in the cake box with the wrapping off I noticed what appeared to be a glue substance on the outer edges of all the disks. My other disks have always had a clean finish on the edges.
I burned a movie and it played well on one of my DVD players but on the other it began to skip during the last 20 % of the movie.
The one that skips is a 1 month old DVD player that I bought specifically for my Sony big screen TV.
Burned it with a Liteon 812S that supposedly likes the Ritek media.

My question is, can I make a copy of this disk to new media (Tayio Yuden I just purchased) and eliminate the skipping if it is in fact media related.
My first thought was no, that the possible defective media will duplicate the skipping, but then I thought, if it played well on the one player it recorded OK, perhaps by changing to better media the other player may play it properly.

What are your thoughts?

DVDwriters/ROM drives can read discs better than a standalone.
It is very probably that you could copy the “undamaged” contents off of your bad disc and then rerecord it onto a good disc.

Thanks wesociety but I really don’t think the disk is defective or damaged since it plays well in one player and the computer. I just think the one player is more sensitive than the other it what it will play. If there is the slightest flaw in the media, it may make it behave negatively
I still have the original and that plays good in both the players. I can always do a re-burn using the original when my new Taiyo Yuden media arrives but thought I’d save time and just make a copy of the copy, since it is movie only.

I think the best course of action would be just to do a new burn movie only with the Taiyo, if this works then I can definately say is was a defective Ritek disk.
The suspect player can play both DVD+ and -, but I prefer to use plus since my Liteon 812S burner likes the + better.