Recursively play Xvid.avi files on DVD

Hi All,
Hope you can help with this.

I have a three hour movie, converted to Xvid and split into three files of around 700 MB, presumably so it can be burned onto three CD-Rs.

Instead of burning them onto CDs, I want to burn all three onto one DVD-R.

No problem so far…

QUESTION: How can I get the three files to play seamlessly and automatically one after the other? (actually, just like VOB files do).
I can, of course, join two files together, no problem, but three files exceed the 2Gig limit. And although I can do it , nothing will play the 2Gig+ file properly. So that is not a solution.

Has anyone got a solution for this one? Or possibly another way around it?

Many thanks

My DVD P{layer that can play AVI’s plays them consecutivley anyway. You play the 1st, when it ends it auto plays the 2nd. This assumes you burnt them to the DVDR in the correct order. There is a few seconds delay between each, but hey…

NeroVision Express is great for this. Check it out, you can create menus, chapters, etc… it’ll take sometime to do the conversion but once you are done you end up with VOB/IFO’s, etc that make it look just like a DVD. :slight_smile:

Thanks CM - This seems to be the only solution so far. The point of playing the avi files recursively was so that there was no delay between them. But as you said “but hey”

Thanks Braxas: Yes, video authoring is fine - if you are using DVD VOB files - but not if you stay with AVI files. I checked out NeroVision Express, but it does not do the job (on AVI files) but works OK on VOBs (although I prefer a more professional program like DVDMaestro.)

Thanks anyway.