Recreating SD 2.x Protection. Possible?

I was wondering if there is a way to recreate safedisc sectors on a disc. I have a back up copy that was not a 1:1 copy of my original came. At the time I made the back-up, I couldn’t make 1:1s at the time. (HP 8x4x32 drive V.B forgot the model number) I now have a asus 5224a drive and can now copy 1:1. But here’s the problem: My original is too scratched to make a good back-up anymore, so the only way to make back-ups is off the back-up I have. I hate having to use a crack on my games just to play them.(especially annoying when an update to the game is made and a no CD crack for that version isn’t made yet and you need the new version to correct playback problems.) Can you recreate the weak sectors that where stripped for the back-up. If not, is there a universal safedisc 2.x, 3.x unwrapper that can be used? Again, I would prefer not to go the un-wrapper route unless there is no other choice. Hopefully I’m clear on the issue I’m having.

Download dtools or alcohol. Enable safedisc emulation, and redump your disc - it should recreate bad/weak sectors.

This is slightly off topic, but I have found that a device called Skip Doctor has been excellent for the repair of damaged audio disc that I own, and I have used it to repair friend’s audio disc. It might work on your scratched original so that you could remake your image should Andareed’s solution not be sufficient.

I’ve tried skip doctor. Wasn’t impressed. I heard they have a deep scratch kit, but I’m a little afraid to waste the money if that doesn’t even work. As far as using alcohol, do you mean create an image, then emulate and dump?

  1. Start alcohol ( 2. click emulation (on left-hand menu)
  2. click the extra emulation subtab then bad sectors emulation
  3. start image making utility
  4. choose safedisc 2 profile.
  5. put non 1:1 copy in drive
  6. make the image
  7. start burning utility
  8. choose safedisc 2 profile
  9. burn the image

Hopefully this is what was meant and hopefully this works for you.

I’ve tried it, but it didn’t work. Has anyone confirmed these steps? The game in question is Halo. I let a friend borrow the game and when I went to get it back, I forgot I had the game in my coat pocket and my keys scratched it. He had the original because I couldn’t Find My back up. I tried the steps, but the 1.03 patch still says needs original CD. The CD is too scratched to even read. I hate to have to shell out another 40 just to get another copy. MS wanted 30 for the replacement (including S.H.). That is a little too steep to replace. That was the reason for the back-up in the first place. So I’m trying to recreate the sectors on my new burner so I wouldn’t have to use CD cracks. ( I have a habit of deleting files off my comp to save space and deleting files I end up needing, later. Hope this helps. SD 2.7.


No more talk about cracks (removed):cop:

Unfortunatly is not possibile to recreate weak sectors and safedisk’s bad sectors from a bad copy! :a

Just thinking theoretically:

Couldn’t you copy weak sectors from another disk with the same version of Safedisc and include it in an image file? I know you can do it with boot sectors. But if so How could you do it?

Originally posted by Venturer
Unfortunatly is not possibile to recreate weak sectors and safedisk’s bad sectors from a bad copy! :a

With safedisk 2.x/3.x is not possible, but with securom 4.8x you can get a 1:1 copy again with the help of nice plex premium.:bigsmile:

I don’t get what your problem is. If you can read your backup without
error, then as others said you should just make an image and burn it
with Alcohol/BW/whatever in weak sectors amplification mode. The weak
sectors have not been ‘stripped’ when you made your backup, they are
still on the disc and just need a bit of tweaking to be burned in a
way that allows you to read them back.

My cd-rw was giving me errors on backing up, I was using cdrwin at the time, so I had to copy the files on to my hard drive, use nero to add the files to a compilation and burned, and used a crack to run the game. So esentually the weak sectors I stripped. Now I have another back-up that my friend did for me and after I updated it will not read the cd. worked fine with the crack, in fact it wouldn’t read before the update, he included the 1.0 crack for it in place of the real Halo.exe. Deamon tools didn’t work nor alcohol 120%. Regretably my friend moved to michigan two weeks ago, so I can’t go back to him. Hope this clarified things.

Arggggg, all this talk about cracks.
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