Recreate Picasa Timeline Effect for a dvd menu

1st time post here, so hopefully this is in the right place.
I have made quite a few movie, slideshows and dvds but would love to be able to do the following.
Is there anyway to create the same sort of effect that googles Picasa software offers to view photos,“Timeline”.
The timeline is scrollable through photos based on the date they were taken.
So my idea would be to have a dvd menu where each button would be a link to a movie slideshow, but how would I go about getting the buttons to move like that in picasa, and have the background picture change as the user scrolls though. Scroll Movement would be done through the forward/back on the remote!
I could be talkingtotal rubbish here, but would appriacte some help, I use alot of different software, so open to anything.