Recoving Files from SATA drive

[qanda]This thread is about the Western Digital Caviar SE WD2500JS - hard drive - 250 GB - SATA-300. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]1. the hdd is actually WD2500JD, but close enough
2. the drive i believe crash due to an actual physical error on the disk itself, i ran spinrite 6.0 (best program ever, lol) and it revealed much of the same, physical errors. Unfortunately it has the errors in the first 8,000 sectors of the harddisk, so the drive will be recognized in the BIOS, but cannot be booted from, whats worse is the drive cannot be recognized as an external drive either.

The device manager will recognize the actual drive, but no program i use can see the harddisk (acronis, ADRC, ect.) I have one folder on the hdd entitled %user profile%\desktop\Backup and i know all of these files are 100% intact thanks to SpinRite HOWEVER i cannot copy any of the files becuase the hard drive will not recognize

in spinrite it will access the sectors i just cant COPY in spinrite

if anyone has a program or way of viewing and then extracting a sector i would appreciate a link

any other advice would be greatly appreciated
thanks in advance


Do you have this drive plugged in when you boot up?

i have tried having it pluged in (prevents the system from booting) hotswapping (hangs the system until removed), and external usb plug, still the same result

Sorry, I fully read your post, the only other thing I have left, would be to see if you can get somebody to recover your data, but it ain’t cheap.

yes i have tried that, im not to skiddish about doing it either
but it still does not work

any other suggestions?

PS thanks for the help

[B]haveing the same prob…[/B]

if anyone has a program or way of viewing and then extracting a sector i would appreciate a link[/QUOTE]

If this is a problem with disk firmware (e.g. internal configuration stored in a reserved area of the disk has been damaged, which seems to happen for some Maxtor drives, for example – and can’t be fixed by simply changing the electronics card of the drive), you better talk to the manufacturer about it.

Otherwise, try a low-level copy (dd), for instance with Helix3, from the damaged disk to a fresh one. (Just trying a dd from the disk to /dev/null will tell you if the reading part works or not) Something similar coould be done with the FTK Imager Lite (download from AccessData). DD will skip read errors if instructed, and so will Imager.

Both of these are fairly technical procedures. It’s probably easier to talk to a data recovery company.

i have tried a low level copy, it was the first thing i did
and honestly i dont know WHY it wont work, it should be able to

and they arent THAT technical, really you can stumble through and figure most of anything thing out

[QUOTE=GamezR2EZ;2100260]i have tried a low level copy, it was the first thing i did
and honestly i dont know WHY it wont work, it should be able to[/QUOTE]

So … what program did you use, how did you run it, and what error messages did you get?

And as to the ‘not really technical’, … well, I’ve seen technically competent people get confused, and do the copy the wrong way, overwriting their original disk. For all I know, so may you.

It would be helpful to know exactly which software you have already tried and failed, (in order to make an informed suggestion.)

as far as software goes, i have used so many i cant remember BUT here is a list of a few that i tried…

FTK Imager
Acronis True Image

and several others, all with no success
I know that they would fail but thought i would try them anyway.
The reason it doesn’t matter what software i used is because the computer will not recognize this as a drive, like i have stated, which means no low level copy would work because it needs to select a drive (i.e. Physical Drive 0, which is IDE Primary\Master in my case)
the SATA drive should show up as Physical Drive 1 (i have a hard drive hooked up IDE) unfortunately that isnt going to happen

NOW if anyone understands how SpinRite works, you know that it disables the drives internal retry capabilities, so when it finds a damaged sector it moves on. I need a program that can do about the same thing (NOT THROUGH WINDOWS, it wont work if its a windows app) and i have my doubts that it will work in linux either, from what i tested it wont

so i would need an app not unlike SpinRite, except one that can copy the data it views

actually if i could overwrite the disc that would be a START, i can do nothing to the disc at this point

PS how do you overwrite a disc with a low level COPY lol :stuck_out_tongue:

GamezR2EZ, :slight_smile:

I am certainly not a recovery expert or hard drive guru,
but willing to offer suggestions anyway.
Based on your previous posts you seem certain now that no Windows or Linux based OS application will work on this drive.
How about DOS based, have you tried that?

Also, I am not familar with SpinRite 6.0–I only just read the on-line documentation for it a minute ago. But:
Question 1:
What system is that application running from to access this problem drive?
Question 2:
The SpinRite documentation indicates “Data Recovery” ability–so if that app can access the drive and spot the bad sectors, why can’t IT recover your data?
Did you get your 89 dollars back from GCR, because you certainly don’t seem satisfied?
(Despite praising the app in your first post, 89 bucks seems a bit much for an app that can only spot damaged sectors but cannot recover any data.):slight_smile:

Sorry for some of the questions and comments, but something seems strange here.

Yeah sorry i might be a little confusing.

  1. It runs in FreeDOS
  2. The DATA Recovery potion of it is for bad sectors, it can recover that data and move it to another section on the harddrive, i do not believe it will copy harddrives.
    I bought the program about 2 years ago, and it has saved me time and time again, very satisfied. Plus it restores bad sectors, not just spots them. Im that it revives these harddrives that had an error from the factory.

As far as a linux app, i dont THINK it would work, but im not linux expert, if anyone has any suggestions i will definitely try them!

Thanx for everyones help thus far.

So, you can boot using FreeDOS.
In that case have your tried creating a FreeDOS + TestDisk bootup disk and running TestDisk to recover the data?
Just a thought.

the FreeDOS thing sounds like a GREAT idea, but i have no need to try it now, i recovered the files

i stuck the drive in the freezer for 2 hours, got all my files off, with no corruption

its a good thing to be cheap SOMETIMES

PS i do not recommend doing this people, i only did it because the files were not THAT important, this is a DIY fix that may ruin your drive past the help of a data recovery specialist

EDIT: BTW thanks for all the help guys!

No problem.
You recovered your data which is what matters.