Recovery lost data from External HDD

Hello, Frozen again with computer troubles.

I had a Western Digital My Book External Hard Drive - 500GB, I had it up and running, worked great. I hate them for saying the Enclosure was built to keep the Hard drive from getting damaged through thick and thin. It fell 3 feet off the ground. The enclosure is fine… The hard drive got damaged, it makes the starting up sound then shuts down… I took the Hard drive out of the enclosure and placed into the CPU and attached it to the motherboard… The motherboard will not start… Some advertising this group did… I wish warranty would guarantee your data back… anyways… How can I recover the data inside?

You really don’t want to know what these guys charge, but


You have swarmed the drive-

If the data is really mission critical - then a data recorvery company is your only hope - and Google is your friend-eh!!

You really don’t want to know what these guys charge, but here they are.

Hey Mike, hows life?

Have you tried any recovery software utilities from the western digital site? Have you also tried GetDataBack? What info do you have on that external drive and how important is those data to you? Also I would not recommend if you don’t have the cash around to send to the data recovery company as the cost might can outweigh the data recovered. You will have to ask how much money are you willing to spend to recover yourself to what they can recover? What do you mean motherboard will not start? Did you set the drive to Master or slave, what settings did you use? What connections is the external drive Pata or Sata? What physical damage was done to the HDD? Did you check to see if anything on the board on the HDD was broken or damaged?