Recovery from bad flash of BenQ DW1650?

I have a BenQ OEM DW1650 burner. But I had mistakenly flashed it to DW1640 firmware using BQFlasher. Now after rebooting, the system could not recognize this driver anymore (in BIOS setup page). Even after pressing the eject tray button on the driver, there is no response.
I have heard that DOS flash with BenQCVT and CVT firmware can save this. IS that true ? How can do this ?

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Sorry to hear of your problems.
The Dos 101 BenQ/Philips Flasher can be got from [B]here[/B]:
The .[B]cvt files are here[/B].
I’m not sure if the size of this f/w is too big (I can’t remember & don’t currently have acces to a BenQ drive to test).
You might if you haven’t already want to [B]look here[/B].

@zebadee: Thank you for help. :slight_smile:
I have already read your "BenQ & How to be a FLASHER! " article. This is very helpful. But I’m not sure if the BenQCVT can help. Because the system can’t recognize this driver. The driver does not appear in the BIOS setup page. :sad:

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Sorry to hear that. If the bios doesn’t see the drive then that’s probably it. :sad:
In fact I know that’s it. Farewell BenQ 1650. :iagree: :sad:

If the 1650’s firmware chip is flashed into the right firmware offboard, then the driver would be well again ?
I mean, after flashed the wrong firmware and restart the PC, is the chipset on the driver’s board broken or not ? :sad:

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Yes you are correct, that if you are able to flash “offboard” it is possible that a recovery may take place.


I find these below :

BenQ 1640 requires 1.8A/1.4A voltage;
BenQ 1650 requires 1.8A/1.6A voltage.

Can I conclude that the system can not recognize the driver due to low voltage supplied to it (because the “wrong” firmware in 1650 tells the system that it requires 1.8A/1.4A to work), NOT because the chipset is burned by electricity ? :sad:

It’s because they use different eeprom/firmware chips. :wink:

Sorry to hear about your loss, I made the same mistake when flashing a DW1640 with 1650 firmware. No chance to recover. Sorry. :sad:

IS the eeprom/firmware the same chip or two different chips ?

does the wrong firmware I have flashed only affect the firmware chip or both the firmware chip and eeprom chip ?
If the firmware chip is flashed into the right firmware “offboard”, can this problem may be solved ? :frowning:

On Philips/BenQ drives with Nexperia chipset; one.

You’ll have to resolder flash chip from PCB and flash it in external flasher…
Cost = $$$$$$$.

You better buy a new drive and forget this ever happend. That’s what I did. :wink:


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I’m glad to hear that. There is really a solution left to me. :wink:
This driver is 1650 OEM. it’s SONY DRU-810A-R, I bought it in U.S, so it costs me $$$$$. So I do not want it die so quickly. :frowning:

In case you can use an external flasher, first backup the current flashrom data as address or data lines may not be connected the straight way. Then you need an extracted firmware binary, but that is just a minor problem :).


Thanks for your advise.:slight_smile:

Ok I also suffer a problem similar to this:

I used to have a 1655 and a 1650, and the 1650 burned quite poorly whereas the 1655 burned quite well
So I thought maybe 1655 had a more mature firmware? So I crossflashed the 1650 to 1655. It didn’t help, so I decided to revert back to 1650 through another crossflash

That’s when trouble came. I chose the 1655 by mistake (because they were both listed as 1655s at that moment). Now the drive still works, but it’s not working as well as before. Around 40% of the times it’ll decide that my MAXELL 002 8x discs can only be burnt at 2.4x, right from the start. Other times it’ll just burn discs from the same spindle at 8x no problem

Anyone tried crossflashing 1655->1650 and then back? Did it break your drive?

Sorry [I]carniver[/I], your issue is not at all related to the problem [I]shaoxuan[/I] is facing.
Check out DW1650 1655 SL media result threads and you might understand why.

@shaoxuan, keep us posted. :wink:

If I have some news, I will let you know. :slight_smile:

Can BenQCVT help to recover my driver ?
I have BenQCVT and BCDC.CVT file.
My driver is not at my hands, so I can not try now, sorry.