Recovery from a bad flash? Warning for Sony DRU-810A-R!

the light’s behavior can be a function of the firmware though can’t it? it was a good observation for sure, but I’m not sure it’s reliable…

Another observation, I ran the 1.0e firmware through MCSE tool and it says Plextor 750 firmware???

yikes…IF that’s true and IF i’m correct, the 750 is a BenQ DQ60…which would mean that’s what they’re now using for the sonys?

i’m guessing…don’t take my word until one of the experts chimes in!

that would explain why so many fried drives though…esp since the DQ60 is a TEAC drive (panasonic chipset i think)

weirder things have happened i guess…who knows.

all very confusing.

Curiouser and Curiouser. :confused:

TDB RPC 1 firmware is not very specific. Which firmware for which drive did you use ?

The Benq/Sony flasher is full of firmware id strings. The Sony 1.0e flasher is not supported in MCSE and does not match the usual Benq flasher detection schema, so one of the later string matches hits. This means nothing.

I used the Sony 810a flash from TDB.

Put a different disk in and the green lite lit up for a few secs, then went out. Hmmmm.

It is realy so hard to specifiy the exact file or version name ? There are two 810A firmwares on the TDB site. Some drives were already killed by flashing the wrong firmware, so it would be fine to know exactly what works on the 810A-R drive.

version 1.0E from TDB site. Flashed perfectly.

Besides the RPC1 patch applied in both firmware parts, the functionalty is identical to the official 1.0E release, so from the flashing point of view this does not differ from flashing the official 1.0E flasher package.

Another observtion, solidburn is checked in NeroInfoTool.

Problems reported here were flashing with BenQ firmware, not Sony firmwares.

Another observtion, solidburn is checked in NeroInfoTool.

Can you check in Qsuite?

Qsuite shows Booktype and Information. That’s all, neroinfotool has solidburn checked!

Heads Up!
Just wanted to report My 810A-R drive died when I flashed it to Sony 3.0e.cvt using the BQFlasher in safe mode…sorry for the delay in saying this.

It looks like we pretty much have confirmed trying a crossflash to a DW1640 on a April 2006 drive doesn’t work. Maybe the next try should be a crossflash to a DW1650.

Try burning a +R at 16x and see if the toothy grin shows up when scanning… if it’s a 1640 based drive it will. Though you’d need another drive to scan with since the Sony firmware wont report PIF AFAIK…

I do not have an 810-R to test but I would bet its a DW1650, I might be wrong, so please don’t do this until its verified, like I said I will try and buy an 810-R this weekend and try it.

Doesnt work either.

Are you saying that you cross flashed a DRU-810A -R drive with DW1650 firmware and it is now dead. If so, this is getting interesting for sure.