Recovery from a bad flash? Warning for Sony DRU-810A-R!

AFAIK there’s no way to extract BenQ firmware
(like you can with LiteOn).
What fw was it showing before the flash attempt?

Does the 810-R look like a Benq? Does it have the air vents on the side?

Looks just like any of the other 1640/50/55 Benq drives. I think it is a DW1650.

Original firmware in mine was 1.0E.

Maybe we need to post a warning message on here before somebody else kills a drive.

Crossflash voided your warranty, so you can open it as well because drive is now only good as a doorstopper anyway. :sad:
Check the chipset and eeprom marking compared to this picture (pic curtesy of

BTW, I hope you all take the responsibility by action of crossflash and buy a new drive.
Don’t return it to shop or RMA the damaged drive!

Thanks. Title changed and hopefully someone with this model did a search first (and get this thread) before they flash. This is at least what we can do until we figure out things.

How about flash it back to Sony?


What about making this sticky? Better solution would be a FAQ concerning Benq made Sony drives.

The drive seems to be dead, so it can’t be flashed anymore. Also, at least at the moment, there is no firmware available for this model. And if that -R version is really different from normal DRU810, then there will be people killing their drives with official firmware from Sony :a


Hi :slight_smile:
Someone @ PCWorld ( do we think we can trust/believe). Has informed me that the “R” stands for revision. They told me on questioning HQ. This revision was in response to f/w related problems. I suggested that f/w upgrades usually dealt with such things. He said "I’m just relaying what I’ve been told."
Could it be they were ****** off about their drives being modded.
BTW I purchased a 810 at the time. Unfortunately for everyone (but me :bigsmile: ) no “R”.

The DRU-810A-R that I received had version 1.0E firmware. This firmware is listed on the Sony storage support website as an upgrade in DRU-810A firmware area here:

No mention of different drive versions. If the –R drive is different from a normal DRU-810A what happens when you attempt to flash an earlier drive with new 1.0E firmware? Could the Sony flasher program contain a routine to interrogate the drive and determine what code it needs from the packed file to load in the EEPROM ? If there is two different drives they must have some way to determine what to do. Or has Sony support failed to even notice that there may be two different drives? Maybe somebody who has updated from 1.0D to 1.0E on an older than April 2006 drive can shed some light. Or is the firmware in the April 2006 drive a completely different 1.0E CODE?

Lots of questions, but not many answers!

Thanks for your input zebadee. :slight_smile:

But I think it’s more in it and probably not at all that what you have been told.
Check the current rating printed on label posted by BWigg.
Compare with label on 810A drive reviewed by CDFreaks
12V power rail rating on 810A-R is the same as for BenQ DW165* drives (1.8A).

Until we see innards of the 810A “R” drive, we can only speculate… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure engineers at Sony/Lite-On are smarter than that. :smiley:

I just loaded FW1.0e from Sony website into a Hex Editor:

mciahel, selected part of 1.0e firmware looks the same as for any other 810A firmware, except for last bits…

More interesting is to make a file compare 1.0d<->1.0e and check firmware structure. :smiley:

I just pulled my 810A and its Manufacter Date is Dec 05 and there is no R. This might be a completely different drive. Only the chipset will tell.

AFAIK , 1.0E is for DRU-810/Benq 1640 oem :confused:

The 810A_1.0e.exe flasher contains two firmwares, and I am pretty sure that this was already discussed here because of two .cvt files extracted from this flasher that were released as Sony seems to rebadge both 1640 and 1650 drives under the 810 name. Here are two parts extracted from the same flasher:

Benq 1640 firmware:

00d360  53 4f 4e 59 20 20 20 20 44 56 44 20 52 57 20 44  SONY    DVD RW D
00d370  52 55 2d 38 31 30 41 20 31 2e 30 65 00 00 44 57  RU-810A 1.0e..DW
00d380  31 36 34 30 00 00 00 00 53 4e 2a 2e 2a 2a 00 00  1640....SN*.**..
00d390  c1 ee 9c 59 00 c0 0d 00 31 2e 30 65 00 00 1d 3a  Áî.Y.À..1.0e...:
00d3a0  4e 1f 00 00 0e 00 dc 9d 0d 00 78 da b4 bd 0b 7c  N.....Ü...xÚ´½.|
00d3b0  54 d5 b5 30 be cf bc 32 33 99 09 07 08 64 90 08  TÕµ0¾Ï¼23....d..

Benq 1650 firmware:

0e93a0  00 00 00 00 00 00 c1 ee 9c 59 50 68 69 6c 69 70  ......Áî.YPhilip
0e93b0  73 20 44 57 31 36 35 35 20 66 6c 61 73 68 20 66  s DW1655 flash f
0e93c0  69 6c 65 0a 1a 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 0e 00 99 e1  ile............á
0e93d0  0d 00 78 da b4 bd 09 40 54 d7 bd 38 7c ee 6c cc  ..xÚ´½.@T×½8|îlÌ
0e93e0  0c 33 70 55 14 a2 a3 8e 0a 91 58 35 46 4d 93 da  .3pU.¢£..‘X5FM.Ú

Looks like flashing a rebadged Benq 1650 named Sony 810 with a 1640 firmware kills the drive, or at least makes it unusable under windows.

Good work ala42! I mentioned in a earlier post that the Sony firmware may contain code for both drives. Now it looks like you may have confirmed my suspicions about the firmware. So it looks like it may be possible to flash the newer -R drive to the Benq DW1650 firmware and be OK. I guess we won’t know until somebody does it. Just remember you are taking a big risk until this a proven fact!

I wonder if only the new 1.0E flasher contains both firmwares? I bet if you tried to backflash a newer DRU-810A-R to 1.0D firmware it probably will not let you since the old firmware flasher probably only supports the DW1640 type drives.

I think this was a smart move on Sony’s part, thus allowing one firmware upgrade to be listed and have it to support both drive types completely transparent to the user. None of this “if your drive is serial number XXXXX or has a date of xxxx chose this firmware” kinda of junk.

I got an dru-810 today and it was manufactured in March 2006 and has the -R on it.
I succesfuly flashed with TDB RPC 1 firmware for it and it works fine.
Dont know for sure if it is a 1640 or 1650. Has the same vent holes on the side as the 1640.

Observation. In inserting a disk on my 1640, the green lite stays on. On the 810A-R, the green lite goes off. Does the 1650 do that?

not sure about the 1650, but the green light stays on in both my 1640 and 1655

The 1650’s LED stays on whenever there’s a disc,
just like the 1640.