Recovering lost sessions from multisession cd



my problem is that i was making a multisession disc, after burning in different burning applications , i have lost earlier sessions, only one session is visible, nero’s save track feature is not able to recover earlier sessions, but it does shows them, i copied my entire disc image to hard drive , as i open that image using any text editor, all sessions are visible as code, i know all those sessions are there, but dont know how to make them visible or recover them. Is it possible to copy that sessions using text editor and pasting them in such a way that i can recover them or is there any such software?


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I don’t know of any conventional burning software to do it (someone else might), but have you tried something like ISOBuster or ISO Puzzle?


IsoBuster (the free version) should be able to show the previous sessions and let you save files from those sessions. :iagree:


I do have iso buster, but it is not able to recover those sessions, it only shows those sessions. Any other tool, can some type of progamming editor be used to copy paste the sessions?