Recovering dead Ricoh, Firmwareloader 2 how2flash

I flashed my Ricoh MP7200 with wrong firmware and my PC won’t detect it.
But after researching abit i found a way to change the jumbers and make the PC detect the drive in Ricoh Firmwareloader 2 mode
but how do i flash it back with the original firmware?

Did you try here?
If this doesn’t work maby dhc014 will be along and have a sugestion.

I have no idea about this other than the far left jumper supposedly puts the drive into “Ricoh FirmwareLoader 2” mode… I think that you can flash a dead drive by doing this.

I can’t flash it it keeps going that the ID Is different when i use RFlash. :frowning:

Try the DOS flasher utility from in here:

Doesn’t work =( it says Indentify Drive Faliure :confused: