Recovering data on DVD

i recently used a TDK mini dvd for camcorders to record my baby’s christening,but am now unable to play back or even view the content on my there any way i can recover this data?

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What make of DVD drive do you have?

Do you know anyone with a Samsung or LiteOn DVD drive? If so, any chance you can check the disc on there to see if you can reburn the contents? They’re generally pretty good at reading discs other drives won’t.

Other than that, you could try using ISOBuster or ISOPuzzle to retrieve the data and then reburn. :slight_smile:

The data may not be lost…first try the following:
Is it possible to see the video if you put the disc into the camcorder and play it back?

Probably you have chosen VR mode to initialize the disc first.
So you need either VR drivers installed or a software which already comes with VR support.
Please check out the manual of the camcorder for info about VIDEO Modes (Video / VR).