Recovering data from very degraded discs

What happens if you’ve recorded some footage using ur tv tuner to ur hard disk, then burnt that to a Ritek dual layer, and stuck a label on it, then a few months later it gets a 17% QS score with nero cd/dvd speed? Can you rip the video off that and reburn without a hitch?

Sure, why not? Assuming you can fully rip the disc, which you almost certainly can, although the drive will probably have some slowdowns reading the disc. I’d suggest trying to rip with DVD Decrypter first, as it does a nice job of ripping discs and will retry on read errors. Also, removing the paper label will probably be an immediate improvement to the QS and ability to read the disc. Paper labels are bad for DVDs, but I’m sure you already knew that, although you may not have known that removing them will usually greatly improve the disc.

just tried to rip using clone dvd and it stopped at 70%, bah. will try with dvd decrypter, mind you, the disc did get a 17% QS score, should i bother trying to salvage it>?

I don’t even know if cloneDVD retries at a read error, or even if it is that good of a ripper overall. DVD Decrypter is great for ripping discs, I would be suprised if you COULDN’T rip the disc. If it was a QS of 0, that would be another story.

Been doing a lot of this from RiTEK disks lately, a lot of them had quality scores of 0. I was initially using Isobuster, then mainly DVDdecrypter, as it seemed to be a better reader on the worst disks. I could have recovered more disks if I had allowed decrypter to run for say a potential 20+hrs on the really bad ones. It was slowing to 0.1x speed here and there and I thought it better to just loose the data at that rate!
Most of the disks were ripped in under 20mins, but there were a couple of shockers like the above I decided weren’t worth the time.

It also depends on your drive. If you happen to have a Lite-On Burner, I would use one of those as they tend to be better at reading scratched up/screwy media. Or if you happen to have an Asus E616A or Asus E616AG DVD-ROM then that will do the trick nicely as well. It has even outperformed the Lite-On drives in some cases in this respect.

Agree with all of the above. I’ve heard great things about the Asus drive, and from my own experience, LiteOn has done the business for me every time I’ve had a duff disc. :slight_smile:

I’ve had a bad MBI disc burned about three months ago which the Litey wouldn’t read (CRC errors), but the slim (!) TSSTcorp TS-L632B read it back perfectly with some slowdowns. I didn’t save the TRT, the disc is now in the trash. :frowning:
It’s always good to try the discs in different drives, because some will read it better than others…

Greg, isn’t your Sony a rebadged LiteOn? I’m guessing you tried reading the disc with that…

  1. You should know better than to stick labels on DVDs :slight_smile:

  2. You may be able to fully revive the disc - (Been there) - It is possible that the disc at the current state is unreadable in some areas and give CRC errors. I have had this happen to me long before I started using printable DVDs, at the time I was using labels :smiley: Try to get that label off as much as you can without tearing it and doing a mess - In some cases I have been able to completly remove the label off my Maxell DVDs and then scraping out the remaining bits and pieces. If you can manage to do so, your disc will be readable again.


You can use ISOBuster or lower your reading speed to minimal and have it recover (will take time).

I think the label is the problem here.

I think companies who still sell those labels should be sued! Even worse, the companies who make those applicators and claim it won’t cause harm or errors to your disc, those should be sued too!

Hmm, not a bad idea. Anyone got a good lawyer? :smiley:

In fact I think a lawyer (with a good enough sense of humour) should come forward and go along with a class action suit representing the millions of users who have purchased the said labels and applicators, let us take a stand and get those nasty labels off our shelves! :slight_smile:

So I understand that DVD Decrypter is a good program to retrieve video data from degraded discs.
But what about retireving data from degraded “data” discs.
Is there a good program that recovers data from these discs?

ISOBuster? Never used it myself, but others do :slight_smile:

I have used ISOBuster - excellent program, I’d definately give it a go.

You can also try dvdisaster, which can try to make an image of your DVD in multiple passes in multiple drives.
DVDisaster is freeware.

Another handy piece of software to add to the collection. Nice one, Drage :slight_smile:

I had a entire spool of Prodisc go bad on me. These were burned back in the day with a Pioneer 2x drive. The QS on the ones that could be read was 0. Anyway, a couple months ago I wasn’t able to read most them on any of my drives. Recently I got a NEC 4770s and decided to give it a try. It was able to rip through them like butter at 12x no problem. So you might try different drives from friends and family and find one that works.

Thank you all for the valuable information :bow:

i have re ripped loads of 0 quality discs with pie of 4,000+ and pif of 300+ with no problems.