Recovering data from unreadable dvd-r

hello there everyone

been having problems burning data dvds with sonic record now, it will burn the whole disc and say that its finished, then when i put the dvd back into the toshiba sdr5112 it’ll say that the disk is corrupt or in a format windows cant recognise. I seriously want to get the data back offf the dvds. I have tried some tool which say that they can get data from corrupt dvds but none of it seems to work. I am going to change my software from record now tfor burning data dvds! anybody have any recommendations? but mainly i want to know whehter theres a way to get my data back off these “corrupt” dvds

cheers, elred

This could be a problem with your media, which may be poor or not compatible with your burner. What type of media are you using? Brand, speed and MID (Media IDentifier).

Are you burning some files from your harddisk, or are you burning complete ISO (or other format) images?

i have just got to the end of 200 CMC unbranded dvd-rs from UKDVD-R. I didnt have a problem with them before, the discs just took about half hour to forty mins to completely bureach onen. I tend to burn loads of separate files to my data discs instead of one big iso image.
I have just recently started getting coasters and loosing work when i thought it was backed up. I’m using record now 7.
I imagine the CMCs are useable with my tosh sd-r5112 as ive already burnt over 150 without a problem. I really want to know how i can recover the data from my bad burns. The discs which nearly always go wrong now are multisession discs in sonic record now and recently just single session dvds will turn out to be corrupt after the burner saying that theyre complete
theres nio burn speed option in record now, but it takes 28 - 40 mins for each one so i imagine that its 1X or 2X

ISOBuster is free and can read multi-session DVDs.
Give it a shot.

ive already tried isobuster, says the same thing as windows usually, although i will give the newest version a try, dont you need to register it to get the data recovery function which costs money?