Recovering Data From RITEKG05 Disks

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Before I discovered CDFREAKS and learned more about DVD burining I made copies of some old 8mm video tapes to Ritek G05 DVD-R. These disks are now
having all sorts of read problems and I need to recover the data and make copies. I have tried using DVD-Decrypter to copy the disks to VOB structures etc on my hard disk. This is sometimes successful but some disks have so many read errors and retries that on the deault (20 retries) setting after 3-4 hours the copy is still running and my Philips 1640 is getting rather hot. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice to offer on how to try and recover these disks? I used DVD-Decrypter because it logs everything and I could set the number of retries etc (the disks are obviously not CSS encrypted as I made them)

If anyone could offer any advice (other than don’t buy Ritek :sad: ) I would be most grateful. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum but it seemed to be the best fit.

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No software will accelerate the reading process unless it’s set to ignore errors, which you certainly don’t wanna do… the drive makes the reading process and error correction on its own.

All softwares that help in recovering data (like Isobuster), in general, tend to slow the process down, not the opposite… imply because they force the drive to re-read the problematic areas many times.

So speed is actully down to hardware. What you can do is use another drive to rip, maybe a LiteOn or LG drive will read these discs more easily but there’s not guarantee. :frowning:

I helped a friend recover 8 different home movies that had been burned on G05’s back around Nov 05. He had burned 50 of those things but thankfully most were copies for friends and family. He had similar results as you while trying to read back on his burner (not sure of model # - but was a NEC). I had him bring them over and I was able to literally copy them to my hard drive using a LiteOn 167T (that dvdrom will read anything). I then used TDA (Tsunami DVD Author) to directly import the vob’s and added menus and he was happy. :smiley:

I will add that I could not read these on a Benq 1620 or a Pioneer 108. Not sure this helps much other than the fact that you need to try as many different readers as you can. Hope you get lucky.

Some writers are great for writing but pretty crap at reading, NEC being one brand and I am an NEC fan I have used their writers since the 1300 came out, but I always had a ROM as well for such occassions where the NEC would not read. As suggested by One it might be an idea to try the discs out on friends PCs to see if their ROMs will read the discs.

Data recovery is a slow process as pointed out by Frank, hence why companies that do it can charge a lot to do it. Now this is where you have to weigh up the worth of the old movies to you if you no longer have the old 8mm to work from. If they are worth a lot to you personally, high sentimental value, then you might want to look at actually using a data recovery firm if all else fails at home (otherwise known as absolute last resort they are not cheap) to get the films off the disc. If they have no value to you sentamentally then you might just have to write them off and learn your lesson.

I know that the Asus E616A DVD-ROM is a pretty quick ripper and a hell of a machine for reading through unreadable discs. You might want to give one of these a shot as they are less than $30USD shipped from

I’ve had very good experiences with LiteOn reading trashed G05s, when my 4163 wouldn’t touch them (don’t know if you know anyone with a Litey).

Just my 2 pennies’ worth!

Hello All,

Thank you all for your advice and help. I think the best thing for me to do is to try these disks on a couple of friends systems with different DVD-ROM drives and DVD Writers etc and if that does not work then perhaps I will have to consider a data recovery firm as a last resort.

Once again thanks…

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whzt up with ritek g05 anyways?
shouldnt it be like… better, than g04, that i have burned a few of, and still works fine like 3 years later?

Lots have happened since 3 years ago. Ritek quality control went downhill, G04 became unstable mid-2004, G05 is among the most unstable media you can find.

Not a week passes without a new G05 disaster report of data loss on this board. Just take a look at the threads here, you’ll easily find some G05 complaint.

The degradation problem is confirmed, BTW, by accelerated again tests performed by C’t, showing the very poor climatic stability of this media…

No not fake, G05 just has some SERIOUS deterioration issues.

Yep I agree and have had good luck with the Liteys reading bad G05. Plextor is good as well if you have one.

Frank it was sometime last year that I started with G04s and they are all still readable.

Arachne I was a Ritek fan I would always use it and recommend it, but after my first use of G05s, Ritek branded, never again will I touch them. They could introduce tough quality tests and drastically improve it, but after alot of the bad experiences people have had it would do them no good. Ritek have lost a lot of customers due to this and won’t get them back. It would be locking the door after the horse has bolted.

Ditto - around the same time as I had my G05s, I bought some Maxell-branded Ritek CD-Rs, and although the CDs have held up well, I wouldn’t touch Ritek with a ten-foot pole, even if they did improve standards.

Once bitten…as they say! :wink:

If you have the possibility, try the disc in a lot of different readers. You might have success that way; I’ve had.


well, i still don`t get it, if they had the technology for the g04, where did it go with g05, they lost the papers they had written on? :slight_smile:

Mine from 2005 too, but scans showed a fast increase in errors. I re-burned them on more stable disc but kept them for a “survey” (random re-scan of 2-3 discs every 3 months). If the degradation rate stays constant (which seems to be the case till now), most of them will probably be unreadable in about 1-2 years.

For short-term backups, they’re perfectly fine, but for my movie collection or archiving, no way. :disagree:

My G04 discs from older stock (early 2004) don’t have this problem. These were damn good discs! :sad:

Do you check for degradation…? I’d suggest you do… :wink:

Ive used my Aopen 1648/aap pro to recover friends discs that would fail with my BenQ 1640 (which is my default ripper), i’d certainly think about going for one of the dvd-rom drives mentioned in this thread before paying a recovery firm

Yes I do, though apparently without PIF testing my scans are not much use, but with speed transfer and scandisc as well in cd/dvd speed everything is looking hunkydory. Though for my backing up 1-2 years is more than adequate as I have to reburn every so often anyway. I am famous amongst my friends for forgetting to put discs back in boxes that is why I back up my originals, so I will be lucky if a disc physically lasts 1 year let alone 2. :slight_smile:

yeah i have a load of old burns on late 2003 early 2004 G04 discs and aside from the jitter being a little high they all scan pretty good :slight_smile:

the good old days eh.

LOL Oh, so there’s nothing to worry about with your G04s, indeed. :cool: - better media would even be a waste! :bigsmile:

Yes and no… when you consider the price we were paying for these discs, and the price we now pay for, say, MCC004, I don’t complain that much about the change :wink: