Recovering data from an external hard disk

Hi all, i’ve bought a external hard drive in december, in fact it’s a normal IDE hard disk (a 200GB Maxtor) mounted in an external USB enclosure. It’s partitionned in 2, a 32 GB FAT32 partition and a ~160 GB NTFS partition. I use it for keeping important (& big) files always with me as I travel much and my laptop’s hard disk is not big enough.
However, probably because of a shock or excessive vibration yesterday, i found that the NTFS partition is corrupt, some files gave me read errors, others even looked fine but all characters were shifted, etc… I ran Windows XP’s disk checker on it, thinking it would solve the problem, but it crashed and now the NTFS partition is completly unreadable… (strangely, the first FAT32 partition is still OK… backupped it anyway.)

Now the big question is : how can i get all my files back ??? Although i have backups for most of them in various places, some of them are very important for me. Has anyone had a similar problem and have any suggestions ? Please help… :bow:

OnTrack has a number of software titles available that can help in some cases recover data from an otherwise unreadable partition/drive. While these apps cost $$$ there are normally trial versions available that will tell you if the data is accessible (but not let you recover it) at all before you decide to put out the money for an app to perform the actual recovery


Thanks, i’ll give it a try.

Try Steve Gibson’s Spinrite for you data recovery needs.

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Thanks everyone, GetDataBack not only recognised the USB hard drive but also could recover all my files, so problem solved.

help!!i dunno wad exactly happened to my external hard disk.i was trying to transfer some data to my external hard disk when i suddenly realised some of my files was gone…everything was fine a few hours ago…how can i find back my files?