Recovering cells information problem

Problem DVD is first in series. When importing into DvdRemake 3.6.3 I get ‘recovering cells information’ message. After a long time, import finishes but only contains 370mbs. Original DVD is 7.8 gigs. Menu and various commands all look ok but there is effectively no program chain content in VTS 1.

Surprisingly problem DVD does play OK in Cyberlink PowerDVD so unlikely to be an ARccOS issue.

Second DVD in series plays and imports OK. The layout of second DVD seems identical to DVD 1 (same number of VTS’s, PGC’s and commands). I replaced VTS_01_1 to VTS_01_8 files in (a copy of) directory containing DVD 2 with those from directory containing DVD 1. I thought that I might be able to then copy the program chains that then appeared in the DVD 2 layout into the DVD 1 layout. I would then have tidied up the layout. However, this didn’t work because I still got the ‘recovering cells information’ message.

Somehow I need to persuade DvdRemake into letting me import the content that belongs in the program chains in VTS 1 intact even if this is just into a dummy layout.

I have attached screen captures of DvdRemake layouts of DVDs 1 & 2 and of the directories containing DVDs 1 & 2.

DVD1 may be scratched or dirty. Try to clean it and rerip again. What program do you use to rip?

You can try to run the ripped DVD1 through FixVTS to fix the “recovering cells information” message if it happens again in DRMP. Usually this fixes the problem.

FixVTS did indeed fix the problem. Many thanks for your advice which as usual was spot on). Now if I can just come to fully grasp bit-wise operators…