Recovering bad firmware flash?



Normally I woulda searched the crap outta any forum before just posting but almost everytime I try and hit search I get page cannot be displayed.

Basically I have 2 liteon burners in my computer. 1 of them is a 160ps dvd burner, and the other is my old cd burner LTR-52246S. I downloaded the beta firmware for the 160ps and went to flash it to my dvd drive. Not paying attention half asleep after a long night I just clicked flash. Aparently I had my cdrw drive selected when I did it. I got an error message saying error flashing firmware halfway through and in the drop down list I now see something along the lines of YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.
Any ideas on how to repair it or get the right firmware reflashed into it? Atleast the liteon xflash tool is seeing the drive… the eeprom tool does not :frowning:


hopefully you did a dump of your firmware before that happend, otherwise have a search on google and try to flash back. But most likely your drive is fried.


Check out the Liteon FAQ’s page here