Recovering an ntfs partition to fat32

Hey all, hoping somebody can help with this.

While i was building the new rig, I had transferred alot of files to a win xp box with a ntfs formatted drive. long story…don’t ask.

Anywho, now that the rig is built, that ntfs drive is in this box, the boot is fat32. I want to recover the files on that ntfs partition on the second drive, then reformat the second drive fat32 for storage.

I’ve already tried some dos based ntfs tools, and made a bootable CD with that has UBD (Universal boot disk) and that worked, but lost the long file names. So worst case scenarieo, i have all the files, but they’ve all been renamed somet~`.whatever.

I do have an xp-pro box that I could put that drive in, and then boot up andsnake it across the network, but was hoping somebody here knows of a utility so I don’t have to crack the case…

Any help would be appreciated…:slight_smile: