Recovered my cdrw drive!

I was Thinking about upgrading my firmware on my cdrw drive memorex 40 maxx so I downloaded a firmware from the internet that was for a lite on drive but it should work with the memorex I was told the upgrade should make it burn at 48x instead of 40x so I downloaded the firmware which was a windows flasher for lite on drives , I used the program fixflash and flashed my memorex ,I restarted and disaster, my cdrw was gone !.

I tried to use mktflash to flash it with a bin file for lite on drives ( I couldnt find any bin files for the memorex , believe me I have really searched the web for hours) but I never managed to flash the drive back with that dos program, I didnt do anything wrong with mktflash, it just wouldnt work for me.

I was ready to pick up my memorex drive and go to the trash can when I stumbled over a program called win mktflash. And guess what the binfile that didnt work under dos ,worked in that program, and now I have not just recovered my drive , but I have also upgraded it with a lite on firmware that supports 48x ,

so if there is some one out there who had a bad flashing experience , I would recomend the win mktflash.

Rolle :smiley:

Congratulation. Well done. :smiley:

I would like to add one thing… Useful firmware site. :cool:

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