Recoverable Freeze at Layer Switch During Playback

I’m using an LG GSA-H10N and RiDATA 4x DVD-R DL media. Making a backup of King Kong.

Everything seemed to go smoothly, but when I play it back on my Pioneer DV-C503 DVD player, it gets to the point where the layer switch should occur, and it freezes. If I tap “scan” it’ll continue, and play normally.

Everything’s fine except for this annoying glitch.

I only get three freebies, so before I buy this I want to make certain it’s going to work. Any suggestions?

Never had the problem you have described, although all my experience with DL media has been with Verbatim +R DL.

Could be a firmware issue with your burner. Do you have the latest?

Unit is less than 24 hours old, but of course it might not have the latest. However, I can’t find any updates for this drive. Stock firmware seems current.

Could you post your log of this ( latest ) burn session ?

1Click = F7
PRO = F8


Not sure if it’ll still be there. I uninstalled it.

I tried using DVDDecrypter and Imgburn - seemed to go perfectly, but I haven’t watched the whole DVD yet (or verified the layer switch works). At a price of “free”, if it works I’ll just go that route.

But I’ll check tonight.