Recover pictures from DVD burn

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A mate of mine has burnt a load of photos onto cd using nero express and has selected the option that results in a cd full of .dat files which is great for the dvd player but not much use on the pc. The downside being he also deleted all trace of the files from everywhere else. Who knows why he did this but can anybody give me any tip on how to convert these files to a useful format to be viewed and printed using the pc. Otherwise I think he’s in for some major girlfriend butt whooping.



Try to copy one file from CD onto HDD and then change its name from ***.dat to ***.bmp or jpg. Then try to open renamed file.
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if that doesn’t work, you could give ISOBuster a shot:

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poaalpina I tried the renaming but the encoding on the files is not recognised by any of the standard programs ie. Paint and image viewer.

drpino - thanks for putting me on to isobuster - seems like a pretty neat utility but it’s no good for the conversion of files, it only seems to extract.

Also on a side note for this thread, while scanning through the cd I noticed the f.dat file sizes are all about 300kb which suggests to me the image quality will be a bit poo iaf and when I mange to convert them back. Anybody got any thoughts?



this is all i could come up with…sorry… good luck…

I will talk with my friend tomorrow. Maybe he can give any answer about your problem. He is a real guru in pictures and foto files.

Is there a folder on the disc named “PICTURES”? If so, copies of the originals are in that folder. If not, the only thing I know to do is to play the disc with something like Power DVD and use the capture feature. Of couse, the resolution may be much lower than the original images.


Hi guys,
Cheers for all your help but I’ve written this one off as a lost cause. You can use a combination of a program called vcdgear and tmpgenc to retrieve the images and copy them back to a picture file format but unfortuntely the quality is very low because the original files are so small. So what ever nero expess does when it writes a cd for a dvd player it vastly reduces the picture quality so be warned folks - no burning dvd’s and then deleting the originals as there’ll be no photos worth printing afterwards.

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