Recover old files after formatting hard drive

basically after facing the blue screen of death, i reinstalled XP, and formatted the hard drive, is it possible to get some old files back, some are family photos

Pretty much when you reformatted they become lost forever.

As Jethro stated, you’re probably not going to recover any files. There are several commercial apps that claim to be able to recover files after a format but I’ve never tried any of them. If you want to google a bit you can try whichever ones you like. Plus when you installed windows it may have overwritten what you are trying to recover. There is a freeware app, Recuva,, that has an option to try and recover data after a format but I’ve never tried it either. If you want to try it I suggest using the portable version so that nothing will be installed on your disk.

Normally, the new installed OS would have overwritten the “old” one, so there is a chance all other data is not lost yet…

Try with Easyrecovery pro (free) or the better choice is O&O recovery…