Recover iso 9660 file burned in dvd

Hi. I burned some files in a dvd-r and one of them is 2.37gb large, but i burned (without getting the proper attention) in iso 9660 mode in toast, but it veryfied after the copy and gave me no errors, so i deleted the files from my hard drive. But for my surprise, when I tried to use the file, it was marked as having only 2gb and i can´t use it. But there something else, my computer says that the total disc size is right, it counts the file as having 2.37gb.

My question is: is there a way I can recover this file with some application that overrides the file table of the dvd? It can be a windows application, I have access to windows computers.

Thanks in advance! :bow:

p.s. I tried to serach in the forums but it seems that is not working, a got a blank page. So, if it´s aready answered, show me the post.

iso9660 is limited to 2bGB file size.
Only UDF lets you use bigger files.

Maybe you can try to recover via Isobuster or magiciso.

Yes, i didn´t know this limit at the time and toast curse didn´t return any errors abou it.

I´m going to try these software. Thanks.

One important question would be ‘Did the burning software write all of the contents of the original file’? If yes, then maybe only the ISO entries are wrong. If this is the case we can get your data back most likely. The only way to know is to ‘rip’ all of the sectors that ‘should have been’ part of the file and see what happens. Do you know how big the file should have been?

Keep us updated.