Recover Formated Hard-disk

I Have laptop with hard-disk 250GB (one parition C:)

i deleted that drive and create two drives (C: and D:)

and installed new O.S.

i forgot to copy very very very important data was on it

is there any chance to recover some of this files ?

i know i may recover some data if it’s only format
but the problem is i deleted the partition and created new partitions

is that possible ?

Hi and welcome.

I think the answer to your question is here

Read all of the comments, and try the suggestions.
Good luck.

Try Recuva if you want something free. I stupidly installed Windows to an external HD and was able to recover a good amount of my music using this program. Make sure you don’t install it to the drive you want to recover.

TestDisk is another worth looking at, which can recover data from deleted partitions, assuming the data was not in an area overwritten by the new OS.

In the meantime, [U]do not boot or use that HDD in the laptop[/U], as the more you use it, the more old data becomes overwritten (e.g. by swap file, temporary files, system restore data, etc.), reducing the chance of a recovery (if not overwritten already.) Instead, place the laptop HDD in an external 2.5" USB case or use an SATA to USB adapter (assuming it’s SATA) to connect it to another PC to perform the recovery from.

I did the same thing. I used O&Odisk recovery. I connected the HD as a slave and scanned it. Got most of it.