Recover files from my cd-r

i accidently deleted a movie(divx) which was on my computer and i burned it on to my cd-r. after that i deleted the file that was my computer. then my little brother deleted the file(it was 705mb) which was on the cd-r. now i don’t have that file onto my computer or on my cd-r. please can anyone tell me if they know any sofware that will help me recover that file from my cd-r on to my computer?

hurry please. i only have today to get that file back.

cam anyone please do it?? hurry please?

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But not in that order?

So far the file has been deleted three times :eek:
Is it a CD-R or a CD-RW? CD-R is not erasable.

Are you sure the file was written to the CD-R? If it was,
you have a reasonably good chance of recovering it. How
exactly did you burn it to the CD-R? What software did you

There are undelete utilities for recovering deleted files
from hard-discs. If the hard-disc has been used since you
deleted the file, it is quite likely that your file has been
overwritten. The CD-R is probably your best chance
for recovery.

Try isobuster a free util that has been successfully used by many or dvdisaster also free.
Put the cd in the drive and see if you can read and recover. In future before deleting your files get the burning software to check the cd files against the files on the hard drive to ensure that all is well.
Just a last thought was the cd finalized?

Also, if it needed to be trans-coded before burning, there may be a copy in a temp file. Sometimes I find these under “Application Data”.

Why don’t you use the original source to create another “avi” from it?

Try CD-DVD Doctor.