Recover files - DVD+RW




I have a sony DVD+RW (also LG 4163B burner) which was just about full with video files when I accidently done a quick erase using the latest nero burning rom. I have not written anything over it as of yet and I’m trying to recover the files if possible. I’ve tried ISObuster which didn’t bring up anything when I tried the “finding missing udf files and folder” option (is that the only method by the way?). I also tried badcopy pro which I read about on another site but it didn’t find anything. I’d really appreciate any help if anyone has had any luck in a similar situation or any thoughts on what I could try next.



check here,GGLD:2004-49,GGLD:en&q=cd+file+recovery


I’ve been searching google in the mean time but the main purpose of posting this in the forum was incase someone has had a similar or even exact same experience and can pass on some advice.

Any other info is most appreciated.