Recover data from formatted HDD

I have a 60Gb drive that i use for storing data files (about 25Gb of it :sad: ) and it went west. It was recognised in windows but i couldnt access the data. So i did a quick format to get the drive operational…now i want to try and recover as much of the data as possible. This must be feasible because i only did a quick format so the data should be there. How do i get at it…any good software/utilities you can recommend?

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Is Ontrack EasyRecovery Pro anygood?


How good is your german? :smiley:

Theres a german Version of “O&O Unerase” downloadable there:



Thanks i’ll try it out…i don’t remember my German GCSE course covering this topic though. :stuck_out_tongue:

I use O&O’s defrag software, hope the unerase software is as good. :slight_smile:

OK having got back all my lost data i haven’t touched it for a few days. The contents included cd images, jpegs and divx avi files. I now find that every single file i recovered will not be opened/previewed/played!!! :a

Seems to be that all the files are now “invalid file format”. My mds files can no longer be mounted on DT, windows media player refuses to play movie files. Even though the files are all recovered (same size as the original file size) at the moment they are useless. Any ideas on how/why this happened…and more importantly whether there is anything i can do to overcome it? :frowning:

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Glad to hear you got all your data back. It might be a little too late, but I guess for any future refernces, this thread might prove useful:

Perhaps it may also help others by suggesting alternatives… :slight_smile:

Yep, and at the minute it’s about as useful as…gay porn for a straight guy! :stuck_out_tongue: :sad:

“Invalid file format” :a

CD 1986,

I hope you managed to get back your data in proper file format. I can see that the post is 2 weeks old.

Anyway, if not, you may try this software:

Make sure you BUY this ;).

It’s all useless unfortunately, i have it all saved but all are unrecognised file format. Nothing more i can do…

Too bad. That’s quite a shame.
I suspect that a different program might have yielded more positive results.
Several months ago I deleted all three partitions on a client’s 60 GB Maxtor drive and created a single partition. It was then that he revealed to me that the drive contained 16 GB of MP3s and his 21 GB porn collection.

Using GetDataBack NTFS I was able to retrieve every single file on the drive. Fewer that a dozen files were corrupted and unplayable.


Actually, you can use data recovery tool to restore lost data. Among them the best ones IMHO are Active@ undelete and Uneraser (DOS) their algorithm is great and they never failed me before. Recommended!

What likely happened to you is that everything was offset by a few bytes. It happens. :frowning:

Better recovery programs will show you that there are multiple indexes into the drive, and you can try one or two files from each until you find the right one. Lousier recovery programs just find the first index, even if it’s wrong. :frowning:

I realize it’s probably hopeless by now, but what happens if you try to open a text document?

yes, you can recover the data provided they werent overwritten. do not write anything to the

partition, or better, dont access it at all.

DataRecoveryWizard by EaseUs is a good one. the trial version will show you what are


Hmmm… i also had a hard disk failure (Partition & Corrupt Fat tables) and i re-created partitions thinking i had lost all my data. I even installed windows over it, then again i tried a lot of tools to recover data, but honestly nothing “really” worked. Then i used “Recover My Files”, i know the name isnt very good :). , but it did its job. I was able to get about 80% of my files. It took me a day to scan my 80GB , but it worked. I was able to get back all my avi’s and jpgs and other types that i specified.

I suggest u try recover my files and see if it does any good.

PS: I would like to add that the program reads the file’s header and then creates a virtual partition with all your files… So it should be able to get the files that are still intact with proper extension and everything.

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