Recover data from ext3



i have badddddllyyy messed up my ext3 partition due to win xp.


the partition table and most boot infomation is totally gone.

is there any software that can recove data from linux partitions ?


well i dont know if does linx but I am sure it does … I would use getdata back …

what partition info is it ? NTFS or what ?

I have used this program all the time to get out of sticky situations

as long as you can see it in bios …you can recover it all …

also whatever you do …dont use it on drive that has missing data … use it on drive that is fine install program and then hookup bad drive …


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There’s no way you can repair an ext2/3 partition with tools like any Windows tool designed for FAT or NTFS :wink:

Anyhow, I’d recommend to boot to Linux from a bootdisk, or a bootable LINUX CDROM, mount the partitions that are failing and run “fsck” on it…


also just because you can see the drive in the bios doesn’t mean you can recover it all.


well see it in bios and recover i mean move off all the important data …I have used it time and time again on fat …fat32 and ntfs …and other partitions to get all the data off the drive and onto another …all I had to see was in bios and then it setup a virtual drive …so I could see all the data … so I figured since it is linix it would be no problem either …same way you would revive a server

cause i have used this software to get back when fdisk has been done …format and more worst users deleting hhaha


tried lots of stuff.

gpart n all that

finally gave up & delete the dam thing.

any here is what win xp did.

i had a win xp partition, linux partition(s) & 60 gb unused space. tried fdisk but it didnt work. so booted into winxp (thats the biggest mistake of my life) and created a logical partition in free space (extended was already allocated) 52 gb of fat32. big big mistake.

win xp didnt warn & did it happily. formatted it to fat32.

rebooted into linux - and boom !!!

all sort of freaky partition errors.

booted into win xp & omg - it shows me more than 10 partitions of 900 GB !! OMGGGGG WTF ???

tried all sort of recovery software - but of no success. lost lots of data. …tried recovering from backup superbocks and all that - but it didnt work

formattted everything & back to zero.


Win98SE & maybe give win 2000 a shot


Maybe this will warn other users - never work around with critical task on win xp.

:a :a


windows xp destroyed one of my linux installs as well. it has no respect for other OS’s.

however, redhat has yet to try to knife winxp. maybe its waiting for windows to turn around and face it? :stuck_out_tongue:


gosh …

man i have dual boot system well more than dual boot

windows 98
windows xp
windows 2003 adv server

and never have a problem with it …sometimes 98 likes ot blue screen so I just reload that partition but that is it

was thinking of putting on red hat but scared too now

seems the penquin wants to play with the big XP and XP likes ot play alone

remember that old saying ???


gosh hope I dont tell how old I am with that one


you guys do this the hard way, just get removable hard drive racks, 1 per OS they work great and If I hose a system it’s only 1 system.:stuck_out_tongue:


Originally posted by giovanni42104
seems the penquin wants to play with the big XP and XP likes ot play alone

the penguin wants to play alone too, but xp keeps stealing his toys, and then making him eat sand from the sandbox.

//methinks thats a little better picture of whats going on.



how is that old saying go ??

better sand in the mouth than sand in the azz lmao


penguins dont like sand lol