Recover data form a cd-rw

Please could someone put me on to the right path? I have accidentally gone and quick erased a cd-rw disk with some rather important work info on. That’s not the worst of it I have since then gone and written some more data back on to the disk and only today realized my mistake. I have been looking through the net for something that might be able to get my data back if it is possible. Unfortunately I haven’t come up with anything that would help.
Any suggestions.
All the burning and erasing was done in Nero.

I have looked in the forum and come across a similar thread but not quiet the same. That solution didn’t work

Look HERE.
The SEARCH function is your friend. :wink:

Also try BadCopy Pro

You could also try iso-buster. It has a build in recover function, but I’m not sure whether it works on erased RWs.