Recover data due to acces denied



I hope this is the right place to post it…
anyway, this is my problem
I got AMD Athlon 64 3200+ 2.2GHz 512MB
It has an build-in windows xp installer/recovery

Last night my pc rebooted after an automatic update for windows. After that update my pc got stuck and kept rebooting itself just when it needed to login into windows.
I tried the safety modus several times, but even there it got stuck but then when it was starting up the desktop.
So I rebooted it once again and pressed F10 to go to the windows xp installer/recovery. I’ve managed to recover my pc and it automaticly saved all my old files. But…
When I was converting the old files back to the main hard drive they used to be on I encountered a slight problem here.
Tried several things but each time when I wanted to copy, cut or even open “C://my old Documents & Settings/owner” it sais the acces is denied.

Can someone help me out here to get all my documents back ??
I had some things there that I used a lot and that have some value to me.
Thnx in advance

grz. Ruud


You might want to look here:


I saw that the problem there was for windows xp pro…but also found one for xp home…trying that one now…

if anyone got more idea’s tips or anything…feel free to let me know


thnx for reminding me on that site…it helped

I got all my files back now…including the ones that had some value to me



Glad it worked out for you.