Recover bad cd

I have some problems recover a cd

Cd Roller reports following:

Scan Ratio selected: 20 to 20 sectors
Total unreadable zones detected: 7005
Disc seems to be a bad CD (with unreadable zones)

TOC’s track number is 01.
The sequence of volume descriptors ends of terminated descriptor.
The track contains data in ISO-9660 format and also contains Joliet format directory information.
The volume identifier is “BILDER”.
Volume size seems to be suspicious, descriptor says 143743 blocks while length of the track(s) is 3650 blocks.
There are 0 accessible files and 0 directories contained in the track.

Total unreadable folders detected: 1
Disc (session) seems to have unreadable folders. Some CD objects (folders,files) may be not accessible while managing this disc.

Do I have any chance recovering any data on this one…?

Any help would be appreciated…

Hi there and be welcome to our forums!

There are tons of apps available to rescue damaged CDs. If you’d do a search on our forums, you’d find quite some answers.

My personal favourite for these kind of operations is Isobuster, as it can do most tasks really well and there is a free (somewhat limited, but quite sufficient) version available. Have a look here for more information and a download location!