RecorndNow 7.3: is there a way to get this to burn bin/cue files

…I just got this but can not do bin/cue files…please do not say to use Nero because every since I went to…I have had nothing but bad dvd burns with my BenQ 1620

In addition to Nero, Blindwrite, CloneCD, Fireburner, and CDRWin can all burn bin and cue image files.

CDRWin is the originator of the bin/cue format. They have a trial demo which limits burn speed to 1x. It won’t work at all if a burner can’t burn at 1x.

Hmm…I have clonecd…but I am not sure that it does bin/cue…I was unable to open a bin/cue file to burn

any suggestions…do I need virtual drive to do the burning

What are you trying to burn? Is it a game,movie or program that you downloaded? Are you trying to burn it to a CD? if you are then use fireburner.

I was trying burn a app I got…I had major issues when I upgraded my Nero from 63125 to 6601/6603…sorry I ever updated Nero…things have never been right even with dvd decrypter