Recordnowmax 4.5 and pioneer 112d



Is there an updated px.dll for recordnow max to work with the pioneer 112d.
I have one which works with the pioneer 111d but this new drive is back to the min med max settings.


Try the Sonic website for an update. May need to wait a while though as the 112D is only just out.

CDBurnerXP Pro would probably be a good substitute, along with ImgBurn. Both are free and don’t have these sorts of problem.



not heard of those but will take a look.


Any update on this? Had a Pioneer 110D which used to work fine with all speed options using RecordNow Max 4.5 with Px engine 5.07 and a DLL update.

Is there any other software as simple as RecordNow Max to use which can burn 2 discs at a time etc.


You can try here and here . I haven’t tried it myself.


Thanks matey.

The second link you give has PxDrv.dll but no speed updates for the 112D.

I’m using at the mo.

I’m just using min (Which is 4x, 15 ish mins per disc)

I guess we just got to keep an eye out for Roxio to bring out a new PxEngine Update.


I have vista and it is not allowing me to use this program to burn. Is there anything I can do to get this to work?? Or is there any other program that works better with vista?


You can try DVDFAB Platinum, a full working copy for free for 30 days to see if you like it. The best place to download it is from the DVDFAB Forum:bigsmile:


I have DVDFab and I can get the movie onto my hard drive but I am unable to burn the movie with Roxio or Stomp Recordnow. Not sure what else to do, I used to use Nero but I lost the disc and have yet to buy a new one. Any suggestions??


Why not use DVDFAB to burn it also? instead of using two programs


Has there been an update on the PX Engine newer then this one ? Which has PxDrv.dll.

Really want to get full support for my 2x112D’s in RecordNow Max 4.5



This is the latest I’ve seen:


Any idea where I can download that file from?



Using something with long ears maybe? I don’t expect it to work though (or someone would have reported it here).


Here’s the deal as I see it: the newer pxdrv.dll files (as used with current Sonic/Roxio applications) don’t appear to add new recorder support for RecordNow Max/DX any more.

Therefor, if you want selectable burn speeds with your new drive, you have to manually edit a pxdrv.dll with a Hex Editor (e.g. Tiny Hexer), which is as easy as substituting/renaming one of the existing models listed with the exact name/drive string of your burner.

You can start with the pxdrv file and installation instructions available here . Note also that PxEngine updates available from Sonic and newer than 507 will break your installation.


Thanks, I’ll give it a shot. I’ll get back to you to let you know if it works.