RecordnowDX-Liteon411s, I've got the video files what?


I am new to this forum and backing up DVD’s.

I have the DVDshrink program and have successfully shrunk the video(Terminator 3) to my Hard drive.

I am now ready to burn the disc. What files should I include in the burning process? The entire VIDEO_TS folder? Only certain files from the folder?

I have also seen somewhere (I have read so many of these posts that I don’t remember exactly where) that there needs to be an empty folder named AUDIO_TS somewhere on the disc in order for some standalone players to play the file.
Any help would be much appreciated.


easiest thing to do is download copytodvd from
after installing it then run it choose new browse to the folder that you backed up the title in choose the file (only one will show up) then go…that simple;)

its not freeware though…it will work for like 20 backups then you need to buy it.

there’s freeware burning programs out there but they are a bit more complicated to use.

Thanks Jamos.

I have Sonic Recordnow DX.

I created a data disc with the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders on it. It plays on my computer, but haven’t tried it in my standalone yet. Do you know if this works? I wil try it and if not I’ll go get copytoDVD.

Thanks again for your answer.

I havent tried playing a file directly from my computer so i would not know how to do this…i assume you read FP’s tutorials on dvd shrink in the tuorial section. all i do is backup my dvds.

try xcopy platinum it shrinx it for u and then burns it

P.S> I have the liteon and its the top dog of burners