RecordNow says successful set-top says "no Disc"

Repeated recent attempts to back-up video dvds have appeared to be successful (per RecordNow displaying "Disc created sucessfully) but have resulted in discs that my set-top player does not see (per set top displaying “no disc”).
I conclude that the problem is probably due to a faulty 411S burner because of the following facts:
Old DVDs made on this burner still play fine in the set-top player.
New recordings of VIDEO_TS folders that made good discs in the past, now make coasters.
Are there any software fixes I can try?
Circuit City reportedly has the LiteOn 12X burner for $69.99 AR (which seems awesome), but the one review I could find of this burner says it’s a lemon. Is it? If my 411s has really died, then it lasted only a little more than a year, which is a disappointment for a LiteOn drive.
CompUSA reportedly has the Mad Dog 16X dual layer burner for $79.99 AR.
I have never heard of Mad Dog and have no experience with their burners (I’d never heard of LiteOn when I bought my first LiteOn CD burner and it lasted a LONG time and performed fabulously). Can anyone shed dome light on Mad Dog burners?
I really need to do some DVD backups, so some help would be really … uh … helpful.
Thanks a million in advance.
Jack in Phoenix

Need to set the booktype to DVD-ROM. Alot of standalone DVD players cannot read DVD±R’s or DVD±RW’s.

Where / how do I set the book type?
Also, please note from my post that this stand alone DVD player has successfully played numerous DVD-R’s recorded on this 411S burner.

Download Booktype from the Lite-On site or use DVDInfoPro.

get kprobe from here use this to scan a old disc that work in you dvd player then scan a newly burnt one.

another thing have you tried another burning program? if not try dvd decripter found here

Many DVD-R discs burned in LiteOn drives can result in “no disc” errors, try DVD+R.

Here’s what I did:
I tried a couple of DVD+R recordings and got “no disc” coasters fro my trouble.
So I went to Circuit City and biught a new 12X LiteOn burner and have burned about 15 or 20 discs since last night without a single coaster yet. Think it’s worth keeping the old 411S as a DVD-ROM? Is there any chance of repairing the 411S with new firmware or some other software fix? Did I just get a lemon? I just dug uo the receipt; 12/29/03. Less than a year!!! I’ll call Circuit City and see about a replacement! Will touch back later!

OK … Circuit City dropped me like a used condom … said to go to Manufacturer… Then I called LiteOn … they said Circuit City should be happy to exchange it. When I told them what Circuit City said, they said they’d have someone at LiteOn get in touch with me via email in the next 48 business hours (i.e., in the next 6 business days). Real nice fellow, but 2/10 on service, knowlege and professionalism. Anyone here have a solid way to connect with a HS graduate at LiteOn warranty service?