RecordNow Pxengine updated for NEC 3500AG

Just answered my own question…

After the thats on Sonics site, my Benq 1620 and my Lite-On 832 are no longer detected in RecordNow DX 4.6.

I don’t recommend using the update on Sonics site if your using RecordNow 4.6 or older.

If you really work for them, how about you get them add a setting to remove the Joilet volume. Standard for DVD Movies is UDF/ISO. Every since RecordNow 6 it always uses UDF/ISO/Joilet.

Our PX engine is supposed to be compatible with that version of RecordNow. Can you do a clean install then install the PX engine update to confirm that it does not work?

Start by Removing Record Now using the Add/Remove utility in Windows.


  1. Uninstall previous version of Record Now from your machine. Manually delete all the files as follows.

a) Delete the “Vertais” folder or if not found look within the
“Sonic” folder delete “Record Now” in your C drive’s Program Files folder.

b) ******IF and ONLY if you cannot install the software completely or when the installer is looping or freezing
perform this operation:

2). Registry Edit instructions:

a) Select the “Start” menu–>Select “Run”—>Type: regedit. Click Ok

b) Open the “HKEY_CURRENT_USER” folder (if it doesn’t exist, don’t worry about it)—> Open the “Software”
folder—>Select the “vertais” or if not found “Record Now” within the “Sonic” folder, right click on it and delete it.

c) Open the “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” folder—> Open the “Software” folder–>Select the “Vertais” or “Record Now” within the “Sonic” folder , right click on it and delete it.

3). Reboot your computer (stops services so registry can be written

4). Re-install software

The same problem has already been confirmed with many users. I have already tried it with a clean install in the past. I suggest you Sonic guys give it a try with one of the newer dual layer drives.

Btw, it seems like the problem is limited to dual layer burners. If I remember correctly when my Lite-On was 812 it would get recognized. After converting to a 832 it was no longer recognized. Same went for my Benq 800 when it went to 830. The Benq 1600 was never recognized using the Sonic full update pxegine. I believe the problem is in the px.dll.

I can confirm it again… My 832 went missing after installing it, though my cd burner is still there.

Well, after I rebooted, my all drives are gone…

Well I uninstalled RN, removed all references to PX files from registry, removed all PX files, then reinstalled, and my drives are back. However, I won’t risk installing that update anymore…

Sorry, no plans to change that in the near future.

Any ideas about the problem we’re having with missing drives though?

I’m looking into it. Is your drive also a dual layer burner, or single?

it is dual layer - LiteOn SOHW-832S


As a long time user of the Prassi burning software variations, I finally quit using it because of the haphazard and untimely support for newer burning hardware. For example, my Liteon 52327S is supported, but the prior model Liteon 52246S can be used only in the Min-Med-Max mode. This is unacceptable, so I have discontinued the use of RecordNow products.

Every other major burning software supports the Liteon 52246S burner fully and properly. This is probably one of the most popular consumer burners ever released. There are pages devoted to its characteristics on this site.

Why is it not supported by Sonic’s RecordNow?

Pioneer 108 not recognize RN 461DX?

DMagic1 which version of recordnow dx is that image ?

Got a question. I got a Benq 1620, I am using RNM 4.5 with PXEngine 5.7, updated to Pxengine When I pop in a blank DVD+R, I only see write speeds which are present for cdr media (2-40x) and not DVD write speeds (2-16x). Though my 8x DVD+R allows for 16x overspeeding, I wish to choose a lower speed from the list but can’t since it only shows write speeds for cdr burning. How do I overcome this problem?

Sorry for late reply, been away on a vacation.
Its Veritas RecordNow DX 4.6

so will we ever get a solution?

Solution to what?
Being able to use Sonics full update pxengine with a dual layer burner and RN 4.5 or 4.6?

Right now use the posted item until Sonic fixes the full update.

yes, solution to that :slight_smile:

you mean use pxdrv.dll now?

The devs are less than happy to devote resources to a product that we don’t even sell anymore. If I was a dev I’d definately do it, but you must realize that our resources are better spent working on new features for our program.

DMagic1 has given a great solution to the issue; thanks DM.