RecordNow Pxengine updated for NEC 3500AG

He is what a lot of people have bee waiting for. Its the updated pxengine for RecordNow. It comes with the RecordNow 7.21 install.

Whats important for users of the old RecordNow Max 4.5 and DX 4.6 is the updated pxdrv.dll. It contains new drive information including their write speeds. That mean no more Max, Mid, Min for a lot of new drives such as the BenQ 1600.

The version of this pxdrv.dll is The pxdrv.dll in another topic I created was I’m not sure of all the drives that are supported now. Feel free to let us know if your drive that wasn’t supported, is now supported.

As always, keep a backup of files you replace. The pxdrv.dll is located in the windows/system32 folder.

EDIT:Here is another dll I modified. It has full support for the NEC 3500(both CD and DVD speeds). According to -a-N-i-M-a-L- it has support for the Pioneer 108 also.

If you haven’t updated to pxengine 507 before, I recommend you do that first.

Thanks for the update, nice to know that my Stomp RecordNow v4.5 will work with newer drives too. I should be getting a new Benq DW822A this week, so I’ll report if it’s working or not (hopefully it will work because I don’t want to use newer Sonic RecordNow :bigsmile: )


Besides the way the newer Sonic looks, the thing I really don’t like is how they add a Joliet volume to every data disc. Thats why I stick to 4.6 or 4.5. I can burn my movies as UDF/ISO with no Joliet.

so the whole pxengine update is just one file?

I was only posting the pxdrv.dll to bring support for newer drives to RecordNow Max and DX 4.5 and 4.6. If you use all the updated pxengine files from RecordNow 7, RecordNow 4.5 and 4.6 will not work properly(it wont detect any drives).

im using rnm 4.5 with pxengine 507 and have just installed NEC 2510A

all i do now is replace the pxdrv.dll file?

im sticking to rnm 4.5 cos it lets me have long names for the dvd title. why did they change this in later versions? nero dont allow it either.

Yes, just replace the pxdrv.dll in your system32 folder.

It’s been found that some players will have problems if the name is too long. I can’t remember how long they suggest it sould be. I only use what can fit in the volumn label box and still be seen, just in case.

So what do you think is the best version, and why? 4.6x, 6.x or 7.x? (all updated according to these instructions here)

4.5 and 4.6 are basically the same. I like them both.
Version 6 and higher suck to me.

Thanks for this update. :smiley:

I hope you don´t mind if I link to this post in my signature. :cool:

Thanks for the update. I’ll see if my Pioneer 107 will change from high-mid-low now

Of Course I don’t mind.

Sonic RecordNow MAX/DL v4.6 - LiteOn 832, FW: VS04 - Not Found
Sonic Update: pxengine1_08_34a - Dated: Aug 5, 2004

  • after update, LiteOn 832/VS04 is not found.
  • LiteOn 811/HS0Q, however, is detected correctly.
  • fresh install of RNM v4.6 and updating with v1.08.34.500 update, no change.
  • deleting all px*.dll files, reinstalling RNM v4.60, updating with v507, all
    drives are detected correctly.

(Note: replacing pxdrv.dll trick works, both previous v1.0.61.2 and new v1.1.8.0)

Wondering if this is a Sonic ploy, to require new RNM application for DL
aware drives…

I see DMagic1 recommends installing v507 first, then applying v1.08.34.500
Will give that a try and report back…


  • 832/VS04 still not detected, but 811/HS0Q is
  • Fresh RNM v4.6 DX install, then v507 update, then v1.08.34.500 update.

Back to v507, with pxdrv.dll, v1.1.8.0 for me…

I just installed RecordNow Max 4.5, applied the pxengine 507 patch, and applied the pxdrv.dll v1.1.9.0; and it detects my liteon 812s@832s VS0A.

Thanks :smiley:

No, I recommend applying v507 then putting the v1.08.34.500( pxdrv.dll in the system32 folder.

Applying the full v1.08.34.500 update will overwrite all the v507 older dlls. Thats why I say to only put the pxdrv.dll file in manually.

Hey everybody. I’m an employee for Sonic. I do technical support for all consumer products, including RecordNow. We’ve compiled a PX engine installer that we’d prefer you download from us, so if you submit an incident with us we can see you have a new PX engine.

Update PX Engine Link:

Just wondering if this will let newer drives appear in RecordNow 7.2 and 4.5?
Some newer DL drives have been known to no longer show up in 4.5 after installing 7.2 full updated px engine.